Privacy policy

Usage of information submitted by user

User submits information and materials through the website to provide feedback, ask questions, or for other purposes. By presenting such information or materials to  AD - PMZ, you grant to AD - PMZ an unrestricted, irrevocable, worldwide, royalty-free license to use, reproduce, display, publicly perform, transmit and distribute such information and materials if they are free of special stipulated by legislation notes which warn of restriction on information use. AD - PMZ are free to use any ideas, concepts or know-how that you provide to AD - PMZ excluding cases stipulated by Russian Federation legislation. Furthermore, you warrant that you shall not provide any information or materials to AD - PMZ that is defamatory, discrediting, threatening, obscene or unlawful.

AD - PMZ reserve the right but do not accept liability to remove any material or message which will be considered reprehensible, doubtful or can result in violation of third party legal rights and freedom.

AD - PMZ oblige to arrange work with trade secret information submitted by user taking into account requirements which meet the level of the information privacy stipulated by user. At the same time AD - PMZ are not liable if information has become accessible to third parties including cases when user presents information out of website pages  giving limited access or with violation of information presentation rules stipulated at these website pages.

User accept liabilities not to disclose data received through website concerning trade secret of AD - PMZ or other users.

Usage of user`s personal information

With the help of special programs AD - PMZ automatically monitor the following information about user: domain name, browser type, date and time of access and pages viewed. AD - PMZ do not aim to trace the actions of a definite user and specified information is used only to determine the website loading, to measure the number of the website visitors and to determine the pages of the website that our visitors consider useful. AD - PMZ uses this information to improve future content based on the interests of our users.

In cases stipulated by Russian Federation Legislation AD - PMZ being the owners of this website have to inspect it in order to identify the e-mail message sender and submit the data to the authorized bodies.

The website may contain pages with password protected information accessible to users only in case of presenting identities including data classified by RF legislation as personal information. AD - PMZ apply this information to authorize users, to monitor user`s traffic throughout the website and to effect transactions of sending advertisement and use of password protected information.

AD - PMZ tries to save all information submitted by users and give users possibility to review, update, correct and delete the submitted information. But deleting earlier submitted information allows AD - PMZ to restrict or prohibit the usage of the corresponded website pages, which need the specified information. At the same time       AD - PMZ are not liable for safety of information submitted by users.

If user gives information including identities it shall be deemed to be his acceptance of AD - PMZ use of this information for purposes specified in present Terms and Conditions both independent and with transfer to other parties including companies whish service the website and arrange data processing.

AD - PMZ oblige not to disclose to third parties information submitted by users if it is not intended for purposes specified hereby excluding cases stipulated by RF legislation.   AD - PMZ oblige not to submit information to parties whose jurisdiction do not provide with protection of personal information in comparison with RF legislation.