D-30F6 military turbofan engine

D-30F6The D-30F6 engine is an augmented, bypass, two-shaft turbofan with a common afterburner and variable supersonic nozzle intended to power the MiG-31 supersonic fighter-interceptor. 

Two engines with separate air intakes provide thrust for the airplane.
OJSC Aviadvigatel developed product.

The engine has a unique altitude-speed performance, providing 3000 km/hour (maximum) speed of the airplane and 1500 km/hour ground speed.
The high performance of the engine allows the MiG-31 airplane to have perfect maneuverability, large range and significant superiority during flight operation.


Reliability of the engine is provided by protection, back-up and diagnostics systems:

  • low pressure rotor maximum speed limitation system and maximum turbine exit temperature limitation system;
  • safety system against turbine overspeed (drive of constant revolutions);
  • anti-icing system for the cowl and blades of inlet guide vanes;
  • anti-surge system.

Electronic-hydraulic system of automatic engine control is duplicated by hydraulic system ensuring safety of flight and back-up function in case of electronic system malfunction.

The design of the engine provides an opportunity of the parametric control of its condition aboard of the airplane.

To evaluate the condition of the air and gasflowpath parts in service, the engine design provides for the inspection of all compressor and turbine blades, and also, nozzle vanes of both high pressure turbine stages.

In case of foreign objects ingestion into the engine, the design allows to replace in service separate damaged blades of the 1-st high pressure compressor stage and the entire module of low pressure compressor


The long-term D-30F6 engine experience on the MiG-31 supersonic airplane has shown high reliability of the engine in various climate conditions and excellent performance retention within life time.

Base performance

Full power (without afterburning) (=0, =0, t=15 º, in=1.0)  
Thrust, kg 9500
Fuel rate, kg/kg hr 0.72
Full power with afterburning (=0, =0, in=1,0)  
Thrust, kg 15500
Fuel rate, kg / kg hr 1.9
Maximum flight speed, Mach 2.83
Maximum turbine rotor entry temperature, K 1660
Dry weight, kg 2416

Engine design 

The D-30F6 modular design engine consists of 7 modules.

All the modules (except for base) can be replaced during service. 

Modules of the engine: 

  • Inlet guide vanes
  • Low pressure compressor
  • Base module:
    • Separating case
    • High pressure compressor
    • Combustor
    • High pressure turbine
    • Low pressure turbine
    • Rear support
  • Mixer case
  • Afterburner
  • Jet nozzle
  • Unit of a forward and back accessory box assembly

If you are interested in repair services, as well as services for the D-30F6 augmented turbofan life or calendar useful life extension, please, refer to "Maintenance" Section.

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