GPA-C-16 gas turbine pumping unit

The GPA-C-16 gas turbine pumping unit retrofit is conducted by substituting the  NK-16S engine for the GTU-16PC gas turbine, and by including an appropriate hardware for upgrading the gas pumping set systems.

GTU-16PC gas turbine with a hardware set is installed on the existing foundation, into an existing enclosure with the improved GPA-C-16 gas pumping systems. The hardware set provides the upgrading of gas compressor systems for the GTU-16PC installation, and also, replacement or upgrading of out-of-date or worn-out systems of the unit. The replacement is to be determined by a specification approved by the Customer.

GTU-16PC is a modification of the GTU-16P gas turbine designed for modular version of the GPA-16 "Ural" gas turbine pumping set in the scope of the Complex Program "Ural-Gazprom" for the development of gas pumping units and gas turbine power stations of new generation.

Differences of GTU-16PC from the base design are determined by specific conditions of tie-in, lay-out and necessity to design (upgrade) the connecting points of a renovated  gas turbine pumping unit. The philosophy of NK-16ST retrofit is the maximum use of existing systems of the set.

To optimize the GPA-C-16 gas turbine operation conditions, it is possible to replace the NK-16S engine (16 MW power) with the GTU-12PC (modification of the    12 MW GTU-12P gas turbine) and to change the replaceable gas-flow path of the gas compressor.

Automatic control unit (ACU) is based on SU-SS 4510-38-08-01, and common with gas pumping systems and gas turbine mechanical drive systems.

Primary Performance Data
ISO Conditions, loss-free, fuel: Methane (LHV=11958 kCal/kg) 
Power turbine shaft output, MW16.47
Efficiency at power turbine shaft, % 37.0
Exhaust gas temperature, °466
Output speed, rev/min 5 300
Exhaust gas flow, kg/s 57.2
Service life:
-overhaul interval, hr
-design life, hr
25 000
100 000


The retrofit of GPA-C-16 with application of NK-16 in GTU-16PC gas turbine and new hardware allows to improve the unit performance, that is:

  • to improve driven engine reliability;
  • to improve reliability of the modified systems;
  • to reduce the consumption of fuel gas;
  • to reduce irretrievable losses of lube oil;
  • to improve the ecological characteristics.

The retrofit is carried out with maximum use of existing systems of the set.


The similar retrofits of the GPA-C-16 gas pumping set have been performed with use of GTU-16PC gas turbine in CS "Perm" of Permtransgas, CS "Chaikovskaya" of Permtransgas. The retrofits with application of GTU-12PC have been performed in CS "Tuma" of Mostransgas, CS "Perm" Permtransgas.

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