“Ural-6000” gas turbine generator set rated at 6 MW

GTES "Ural-6000" packaged gas turbine generator sets are designed to produce and supply power for industrial and domestic consumption. When configured with a boiler, they are used to co-generate power, hot water and steam. GTES "Ural-6000" gensets  can use associated oil gas as a fuel providing its utilization at oil & gas production and processing sites.

They are applied in building new facilities and reconstruction of existing municipal boiler and heating plants, State District Power Plants, CHP plants, housing maintenance and utilities infrastructure.

GTES "Ural-6000" gensets developed and mass produced by Aviadvigatel OJSC are completely factory-assembled, can be located inside a building and at the open site, and can be used:

  • as the main or stand-by power supply;
  • independent or together with other electric power supply sources;
  • in building new facilities for electric power, heat and steam generation, at housing and communal services and in reconstruction of existing municipal boilers, state district power stations and cogeneration heat and power (CHP) plants.

There are "Ural-2500" and "Ural-4000" modifications rated at 2,4 and 4 MW.


The generator sets is completed with all necessary  maintenance systems (fuel, start-up, oil and others) and accessories.

GT genset is made as completely factory-assembled module, which can be transported by rail, by lorry or by ship.

GTU-6P gas turbine and Ural-6000 GT genset have permission for application given by RosTekhNadzor Russian Federal Service for Ecological, Technical and Atomic Supervision and Ural-6000 genset has Standard of compliance with the requirements of voluntary certification in ENSERTIKO system as well. These documents give advantage when making a decision about equipment purchasing for fuel and power generating industry.

OJSC "Aviadvigatel" guarantees designer's supervision, warranty and after-sale service and design support of production, installation, commissioning, maintenance and overhaul of the manufactured equipment in the scope of active certified quality management system which meet ISO 9001-2001 requirements.

Performance specifications (ISO)

Nominal output at generator terminals, (MW)6.14
Heat output (Gcal/h) with toutput=110 îŃ
Overall efficiency of a power generating set (electric+heat), %83
Exhaust gas temperature, °Ń474
Exhaust gas flow, kg/s33.9
Equivalent noise level during operation under, dB80
Life, hours:
- to overhaul
- assigned 

30 000
120 000


  • natural gas as per GOST 5542 or OST 51.40;
  • associated petroleum gas, diesel and other fuels as agreed upon with Aviadvigatel OJSC.

Major Benefits of  GTES:

  • building of additional constructions is not required resulting in lower investment costs for construction project;
  • minimum amount of the attendance staff allows to decrease operating costs;
  • completely factory-assembled; minimum cost and duration of installation, commissioning and putting into operation;
  • all the equipment meet environmental requirements for noise and harmful emission;
  • capability for parallel and auto mode operation for optimization of power safety therefore in the case of emergency power cutoff there is automatic transfer to local load. So the negative consequences of failure are excluded;
  • short turn-back period of genset - 3...5 years;
  • containerized modular design;
  • high reliability proved by experience in operation;
  • just-in-time qualified maintenance provided by the company specialists;
  • cogeneration cycle high efficiency.

The experience of GTES operation

Please, see our  for more detailed information about quantity and  total running time of GTES "Ural-6000" gas turbine gensets in service.

The generator sets quality and reliability are approved by favourable response of operated companies.

The genset operational compatibility is guaranteed by its performance validation at the manufacturer's full-size test rig prior to the product delivery to a Customer.

Information request

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