GTES-16PA gas turbine generator set rated at 16 MW

In GTES-16PA generator set GTU-16PA gas turbine  is used, which is designed on the basis of the aeroderivative PS-90EU-16A  engine. This new engine is developed within the scope of cooperation of OJSC "Aviadvigatel" and Pratt & Whitney company (USA).

The main distinguishing feature  is a new power turbine with rotation speed rated at 3 000 rpm. The reduced turbine rotation speed allows to drive a generator without matching reduction gearbox and therefore to enhance reliability of gas turbine and to reduce total operational costs.

GTES (gas turbine generator set) can be used as the main or stand-by power supply, independently or  in parallel with other electric power supply sources.  There is a provision of exhaust gas heat recovery in a waste-heat boiler, either hot water or steam.  

EGES-16P modification for shop configuration is available.


While designing GTES-16PA genset, Aviadvigatel OJSC implemented advanced technologies and took into account its wide experience accumulated during development and operation of gas turbine engines and generating sets.

GTES-16PA gas-turbine generating set can be operated in simple, cogeneration and combined cycles and at base, semipeak and peak power.

Performance specifications (ISO)

Nominal output at generator terminals, (MW)16.3
Thermal capacity at outlet, when the temperature of exhaust gases is 110 oC, GCal/hour 19.48
Overall efficiency of a power generating set (electric+heat), %85
Exhaust gas temperature, oŃ 481
Exhaust gas flow, kg/s 56.26
Equivalent noise level during operation under, dB80
 Life, hours:
- to overhaul
- assigned 

25 000
100 000
  • natural gas as per GOST 5542 or OST 51.40;
  • associated petroleum gas, diesel and other fuels as agreed upon with Aviadvigatel OJSC.

Major Benefits:

  • minimal production facilities. Building of additional constructions is not required resulting in lower investment costs for construction project.
  • minimum amount of the attendance staff allows to decrease operating costs.
  • high performance and service life rate.
  • completely factory-assembled; minimum cost and duration of installation, commissioning and putting into operation;
  • low specific fuel consumption for electric power and heat generation to guarantee low power and heat cost price;
  • capability for parallel and auto mode operation for optimization of power safety therefore in the case of emergency power cutoff there is automatic transfer to local load. So the negative consequences of failure are excluded;
  • the lowest generated power fuel consumption per 1 kW/h comparing with competitors in this power range; that is very important in the coarse of fuel gas prices inevitably rise;
  • short turn-back period of genset - 3...5 years;
  • containerized modular design;
  • high reliability proved by experience in operation;
  • just-in-time qualified maintenance provided by the company specialists;
  • high efficiency  in cogeneration cycle.
  • minimal repair and maintenance costs resulting in power and heat generation minimal prime costs.

The quantity of gensets in service and total running time are given on  REFERENCE LIST page.

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