GTU-4PG Industrial Gas Turbine

GTU-4PG gas turbine with M-45PHG step-up gear is used as a mechanical drive of centrifugal natural gas compressors in "Ural" GPA-4PHG gas turbine pumping packages of underground gas storages.

The gas turbine is suitable for operation under moderate and cold climate conditions.

The core of the gas turbine is the D-30EU-2 gas turbine engine developed on the basis of the D-30 III Series aero-engine. M-45PHG step-up gear matches the power turbine speed (7014 rpm) and mechanical drive shaft nominal speed (14000 rpm).M-45PHG step-up gear makes it possible to optimize the parameters of a gas turbine pumping package.

The first gas turbine has been installed at Kasimovskaya compressor station of Mostransgaz. It is currently in experimental commercial operation in "Ural" GPA-4PHG gas pumping package.

Developer - OJSC "Aviadvigatel"

Mass Producer - JSC "UEC-Perm Engines"  



Primary Performance Data
(ISO conditions, without losses, fuel is natural gas with calorific value Hu=11958 kcal/kg)
Power turbine shaft output, MW 4.0
Efficiency at power turbine shaft, % 24.0
Exhaust gas temperature, °Ń 419
Power turbine / step-up gear  rotation speed, rpm7 000 - 7 500/14 000
Exhaust gas flow, kg/s28.7
Service life:
-overhaul interval, hr
-assigned, hr



Our gas turbine units feature:

  • high efficiency;
  • low oil consumption;
  • long service life;
  • reliable turboexpander starting;
  • low maintenance and repair cost during the entire life cycle;
  • comprehensive process automation;
  • easy operation and maintenance;
  • ready-to-operate configuration, which makes putting into service more fast and less expensive;
  • good environmental parameters.

The experience of GTU-4PG gas turbine operation

As of the beginning of January, 2009 such companies as "Kasimovsky PHG" of "Gaspromtransgasmoskva" operate one GTU-4PG gas turbine.

Since operation start GTU-4PG have accumulated the total of 7498 running hours.

Please, see our REFERENCE LIST for more detailed field data.

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