GTU-6P gas turbine rated at 6 MW

GTU-6P is designed to drive generators of gas turbine generator sets. It is also possible to use the gas turbines as drives of pumps, compressors, etc.

GTU-6P gas turbine  is incorporated in Ural-6000  packaged genset.

GTU-6P has been designed on the basis of the D-30 aero-engine of the third series, one of the most reliable engines in the history of world aviation.





Primary parameters
ISO conditions, fuel efficiency Hu=11958 kcal/kg
Power turbine shaft output, MW6.4
Power turbine shaft efficiency, %27.2
Power at generator terminals, MW6.14
Efficiency at generator terminals, %26.2
Compressor pressure ratio, πc8.7
Power turbine exit gas temperature (at exhaust), °C474
Power turbine exit gas flow (at exhaust), kg/s33.9
Power turbine rotor speed, rpm6925
Heat power at exhaust, when exhaust gases temperature reduces to 110 oC, Gcal/hr (without fuel re-burn)11.4
Total efficiency (electric + thermal), %82.9
Life, hours:
- assigned
- to overhaul

30 000
120 000

- natural gas as per GOST 5542 or OST 51.40;
- other fuel as agreed with "Aviadvigatel" OJSC

The experience of GTU-6P gas turbine operation

For more detailed information concerning GTU-6P gas turbines quantity and operating time refer to the REFERENCE LIST.

Information request

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