16 MW GTE-16PA gas turbine for power generation rated at 16 MW

GTE-16PA  gas turbine is designed to drive generators of gas turbine gensets.

It is used in GTES-16PA generator sets.

They are designed on the basis of the PS-90A aircraft engine which is a unique Russian engine of the fourth generation for a civil aviation having the Certificate of the international standard.


Primary parameters
ISO conditions, fuel efficiency Hu=11958 kcal/kg
Gear shaft power, MW16,8
Gear shaft efficiency, %36,6
Output at generator terminals, MW16,3
Efficiency at generator terminals, %35,5
Compressor pressure ratio, πk19,9
Power turbine exhaust gas temperature, °C478
Power turbine exhaust gas flow, kg/s56,3
Power turbine rotor speed, rpm3000
Thermal capacity at outlet, when reducing the temperature of exhaust gases down to 110 oC, GCal/hour (without afterburning)19,3
Total efficiency (electric + heat), %84,4
Life, hours:
- overhaul life
- design service life

25 000
100 000

- natural gas (by GOST 5542 or OST 51.40);
- other fuel (as agreed with "Aviadvigatel" OJSC)


Field experience

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