PS-90A2 is one of the PS-90A modifications with significant upgrade of some components and systems providing improvement of its operating performance. The engine is on a level with modern world standards.

Modular design, high commonality, turbofan, bypass, two-shaft, mixed flow with a thrust reverser in a fan duct and silencing system.

It has been designed for passenger and cargo transportation by long-haul airplanes, such as IL-96-300 and mid-haul airplanes TU-204, TU-214, IL-76TD.

Fuel consumption does not exceed 7000...8000 kg per one flight hour for IL-96-300 aircraft and 3500 kg per one flight hour for Tu-204 aircraft.


Thrust, kg:
-take-off: TH< +30 îC , PH > 730 mm Hg, H=0
-cruise: H=11 km, MÌ=0.8

16 000
3 500
Specific fuel consumption (with real nozzle), kg / h.p. hour  0.595
Flight altitude, mup to 13 100
Air temperature at sea level (for start and operation), C -47...+45
Airfield height (versus sea level) , mup to 3 500
Length of the engine, mm4964
Fan tip diameter, mm 1900
  Dry weight, kg 3 000
   Weight as delivered, kg 4 230


Advantages of the PS-90A2 engine compared to the prototype

  • Cost reduction of life cycle up to 37 %;
  • Compliance with the new ICAO (Chapter 4) noise regulations;
  • Reliability increase by 1.5 ... 2;
  • Conformity to the ETOPS requirements for two-engine airplanes on continuous 120-min long-distance flight and above-ocean routes;
  • In-field operation maintenance cost is double reduced;
  • Certification according to the AP-33 aviation regulations (analogue of the American FAR-33 and European JAR-33);
  • Localization of destruction in case of fan blade out;
  • Thrust forcing possibility - to 18000 kgf;
  • In-field stability of parameters;
  • Increase of fire safety due to some fuel accessories replacement with pneumatic ones.

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