PS-90A1 turbofan

The PS-90A1 is one of the PS-90A turbofan modifications.

The PS-90A1 is a two-shaft bypass turbofan with fan and core airflows mixing and high level of commonality. The aero engine is equipped with a thrust reverser in a fan duct and noise suppression system. .

The aero engine is operated at long-haul cargo aircraft like IL-96-400T.

The design is featured by:

  • Increased maximum thrust up to 17 400 kgf;
  • Combustor with low emission;
  • 2nd generation noise absorbing systems.

It was certified in 2007.




Thrust, kg:
-take-off: TH< +30°C , PH > 730 mm Hg, H=0
-cruise: Í=11 km, Ì=0.8

17 400
3 500
Specific fuel consumption (with real nozzle), kg/kgf hour0.595
Flight altitude, m Up to 13 100
Air temperature at sea level (for start and operation), ° Ñ -47...+45
Airfield height (versus sea level), m Up to 3 500
Engine length, mm 4 964
Fan tip diameter, mm 1 900
Dry weight, kg  2 950
 Weight as delivered, kg 4 250

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