D-30 turbofan

The D-30 is the most efficient and perfect aircraft engine of its generation. Its reliability rate exceeds a required level by several times.

Two-shaft, low-bypass turbofan, with two-spool compressor and mixed flow.

6800 kgf thrust (Take-Off).

It is installed in short-haul airplanes for passenger transportation:

D-30 I series - Tu-134;
D-30 II series - Tu-134À;
D-30 III series - Tu-134À-3, Tu-134B-3

D-30Commercial running for passenger transportation:
D-30 I Series - Since September, 1967;
D-30 II Series - Since 1970;
D-30 III Series - Since 1982




Series I

Series II

Series III

Thrust, kg :
-take-off: TH< +30°C , PH > 730 mm Hg, H=0
-cruise: Í=11 km, Ì=0,8



Specific fuel consumption (with reall nozzle), kg / kgf hour 0,7700,7750,790
Air temperature at sea level (for start and operation), ° Ñ-50...+50-50...+50-50...+50
Length of the engine, mm398447344836
Fan tip diameter, mm105010501050
Dry weight, kg155017651810
Delivery weight, kg171219441980

Oil flow and fuel consumption
Fuel consumption is 2500 kg for 1 flight hour.
Oil flow is not more than 1.0 kg for 1 flight hour.

Design features:
I series - without a thrust reverser;
II series - with a thrust reverser;
III series - 5-th stage of low pressure compressor was added (payload increase by 3 to 4 T; performance improvement), with a reverser


In 2011 two hundred and twenty D-30 engines of II and III series were operated by airlines. Their total annual operating time increased by 8.7% compared with the year 2010 and amounted to 114,005 hours.

In 2001 operating time to unscheduled engine removal due to engineering and manufacturing defects amounted to 57, 003 hours that is 9.5 times better than the normative value (6 000 hours).

Total operating time at passanger trafic was 30, 891 800 hours.

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