The bus stop ZhBK-1 was renamed into Yungorodok (Youth campus)

The head of Perm Aleksey Demkin signed a resolution on assigning the name Yungorodok to the bus stop ZhBK-1 on Geroev Khasana Street.


The head of Perm Aleksey Demkin signed a resolution on assigning the name Yungorodok to the bus stop ZhBK-1 on Geroev Khasana Street. The renaming was initiated by JSC UEC-Perm Engines and the Perm city public organization Veterans of Perm Engines.

During difficult years of the war, mostly teenagers from central Russia and Ukraine worked in Engine-building plant ¹ 19 which sheltered six evacuated enterprises. The plant built for them  five youth campuses: two - in the Krasnov microdistrict, the other two - in the Levanevsky and one - in the Krokhalev microdistrict. The residents of the youth campuses were graduates of the trade schools - young people from 14 to 19 years old, that’s where the name “Youth Campus” came from. The youth campuses appeared in every location, where large aircraft-building plants worked.The five campuses built by Engine-building plant ¹ 19 included 77 barracks that accommodated 4.5 thousand people. Thanks to tireless efforts (including those of the adolescent employees) the plant supplied the front with 30 engines per day!

After the war, these microdistricts were built up with new comfortable houses and the buildings of youth campuses were fully demolished. With this the entire page associated with the life of the whole generation of city residents was almost erased from the history of Perm city.

Therefore in connection with a recent relocation of JSC “ZhBK-1” production facilities, it was decided to rename this particular bus stop due to its proximity to the area where one of the youth campuses, the Levanevsky village, was located.

JSC “UEC-Perm Engines” is implementing several projects to perpetuate the memory of the young workers: there is a documentary film “I remember. Yungorodok” and a large-scale autumn 2020 exhibition at the Shpagin plant and a current work on the memorial erection.


- The issue of perpetuating the memory of the plant youth campuses was highly appreciated by the city's enterprises. The next step after renaming the bus stop will be erection of the monument in honor of the young workers who, in the realities of the hardest wartime, managed not only to survive but secure the Victory through a dedicated labor and self-denial. Together with such high-tech enterprises as JSC "UEC-Perm Engines", PJSC “PNPPK”, "Proton-PM", "Reductor-PM", we want to create an image of a young professional who regardless of any circumstances can work effectively for the good of the homeland.

For the young people of today this monument should become a kind of historical bridge to better understand the traditions of Perm Territory industry evolution, - says Valeria Gavrilova, head of the Museum of History of Perm Engines.