«Victory in details»: a rare wartime footage of the Perm engine-building company

On the 26th of November, the presentation for the historical photo album "Victory in details" was held dedicated to the engine-building company ą 19 (now JSC "UEC-Perm engines") during the Great Patriotic War.


It presents unique pictures both of the remarkable historical events such as the presentation of the Red Banner of the State Defense Committee to the plant's staff in 1942, and of everyday life of engine builders - the life of young workers in youth campuses, the daily production process, the transition to the peaceful life - dancing in the clubs, launching an air road, cleaning the territory from industrial waste...


            A whole picture is formed from scattered photo puzzles, which depicts the courage and dedication of those who forged Victory at the machines, producing up to 30 engines per day.


            The publication is intriguing, because most of the pictures from the archive of the Museum of the History of Perm engines are published for the first time. The author of historical pictures is the factory photographer Matvey Kuznetsov. Possessing the talent of a documentary filmmaker, he managed not only to film the everyday life of war, but also masterfully convey the characters of the factory workers. His other merit was the creation of photo collages, which were especially popular at that time.

Valeriya Gavrilova, head of the Museum of the History of Perm Engines:

-Everyone knows that during the war our enterprise produced aircraft engines, but few people know how much attention the director Anatoly Soldatov paid to the issues of the workers' life and health. For example, a dentist’s room was equipped on the territory of the plant, additional meals were organized for workers. A separate chapter of the publication is devoted to the orphanage where lived the children of the engine builders who went to war.

The photo album "Victory in the details" may become a rarity in the near future: its circulation is only 500 copies.