The mentoring system of “Perm Engines” progresses to a new level

A new regulation concerning mentoring organization came into effect at JSC “UEC-Perm Engines” in the end of July, 2020.  It differs from the previous one with a thorough description of the mechanisms of mentors’ motivation and encouragement.   

According to the new document mentors supervise the students from field-specific colleges and institutes coming to the company to undergo a practical training. The mentors also supervise the new-comers,   workers, processing engineers and design engineers, young specialists and those who are acquiring a new profession in the company’ training center. The process of the training is described step-by-step starting from theoretical course and ending with the certification and work authorization.

One of the main sections of the regulation describes requirements to a mentor.  A mentor should be a qualified specialist with a minimum profession term of two years and minimum half a year employment in JSC “UEC-Perm Engines”, a person having no rejects in work and able to get the young employees interested in tricks of the trade.   

Today more than 500 mentors are working at the company, and they are regularly trained to keep their expertise to the expected level. During the training they are acquiring the skills of knowledge transfer, methods of employees’ motivation, principles of cooperation of the people of different age and many other things.   

According to Zhanna Dautova, the Head of the training center of “UEC-Perm Engines”, the mentors’ salary will be counted in a new way: previously it had been calculated as a certain percent from the wage rate, and now a fixed monthly additional payment to the salary is established. Besides one-time bonuses are provided following successful training results, a trainee authorization to work and achieving one-hundred-percent performance.    

Sergei Pankratov, an operator of NC machines,   has been training the young employees  for more than five years.  “It’s interesting for me to work with people: I’m not just sharing my knowledge but growing as a specialist. Every trainee needs an individual approach. One grasps the knowledge in a single flash; the other needs a thorough explanation several times.  Thus a mentor should be patient and approachable to the people. A new regulation provides good bonuses for the mentors. But many of us are doing this job not for money. For us it is more important to make our own contribution to the company’s development. It’s very pleasant when the people who had been trained by me stay in the shop and show good performance”, - Sergei said.        


Olga Krasavina, HR director of JSC UEC-Perm Engines: – Mentorship is an integral part of the corporate culture of our company.  A mentor is a reliable colleague, ready to share his knowledge with the less experienced specialists in the atmosphere of a mutual trust and respect. A new regulation systemized our experience of the mentorship organization development. I hope we will see the positive     return soon and breed a new generation of highly-skilled specialists thanks to our mentors.