The exhibition devoted to the life of engine builders during the War opened in Perm

The exhibition of the famous Perm artists Tatiana Necheukhina and Maxim Nurulin, named “You don’t cry about me…” and created with the support of JSC “UEC-Perm Engines(a part of the United Engine Building Corporation of the State Corporation Rostec) was opened in Perm gallery “Maris-art”  on the 22nd of June, 2020.

The authors of the exhibition had been greatly overwhelmed by Sergei Lepikhin’s film “I remember. Youth Campus” devoted to the life and labour feat of the young people who had worked at the engine building plant # 19 (now JSC “UEC-Perm Engines”) during the Great Patriotic War.   The leitmotifs of the artists’ works were the themes of memory, dreams of home and plain needs, which every man had in the hardest times of the War.     

The exhibition had been planned to the Victory Day, but due to the epidemiological situation, it was timed to coincide with another memorable date – the anniversary of the beginning of the Great Patriotic War.   


Tatiana Necheukhina was deeply impressed by the stories of the heroines of the documentary film about youth campuses:  

This film is a masterpiece of the contemporary art for me. All the values of the today life have suddenly vanished. I understood the simplest things had been most essential at that time: stockings, soap, cans, footwear…One would think what there might be similar with the common life during the wartime? It appeared everything. And you see that the simple human relations have been lost now. I would like people appreciated things which value had been lessened now.

The exhibition opens with the composition of the artless village doors. They symbolize both the beginning of a new way and the farewell: a soldier leaving his home for the war, saying goodbye to his family on the threshold. At the same time this is the symbol of the coming back home, to the world where the dearest things are waiting: memories, photos, letters. 

There are many paintings depicting the facts connected with the history of the engine building plant # 19. This is the Youth campus itself, with the airplanes with Perm engines flying above it, and a boy working on the machine tool, and a pot of jam – a worthless gift to the youngest workers made by Soldatov, the director of the plant on those days. 

Maxim Nurulin said the main theme of the exhibition for him is the advertency to one’s inner world, to the people and the world you are living in, and the human memory. The artist expressed his attitude to the war in the series of works “Unrecognized heroes”:     

– I’d like to tell about those who sacrificed their life and didn’t face the victory. Did not return home. They became the part of the land they had shed their blood for, said the artist.


Sergey Popov, the Managing Director of JSC “UEC-Perm Engines”:

- Today we are rethinking the life and the labour of the working people during the Great Patriotic War. Every object of the exhibition is an event, it demands considering. It is very important for us that the concept of the “Youth campus” would be simple and clear for the young people today. We should remember the hardest wartime to let it never repeat.   


The exhibition is open upon prior request.