15 employees of «UEC-Perm Engines» received the prize of Raisa Zemskova

Perm engine builders have a tradition: at the very beginning of spring the best employees are awarded the prize named after the holder of order of Friendship of Peoples, honorary milling machine operator Raisa Aleksandrovna Zemskova. This year among the awarded were mechanic assembly workers, controllers, pre-production engineers, process engineers, test-mechanic engineer of engines, aircraft equipment picker, operator of data processing machine and others. 


Veronika Polygalova, head of technological bureau of stamping shop, has been working at «UEC-Perm Engines» already for 15 years. New technologies are being developed with her direct participation, modern equipment is being successfully introduced and the processes of manufacturing parts for the PD-14 aircraft engine are being mastered.     

- The first thing I understood when I was young was to listen and honor the elders. The second one came to me with experience – respect to the workman. And the third one is to get the desired result, you need to work in a team, – says Veronika Viktorovna.

Mechanic assembly worker Galina Sivkova works at the final assembly site of industrial engines.

- I have always dreamed to get the position at the “UEC-Perm Engines”, and when I had such an opportunity, I made a decision immediately. I was struck by the scale of the enterprise: huge buildings and streets, a large territory, a team of thousands of truly enthusiastic people. I fell in love with my job at once, too, - tells Galina Gennadyevna. It happens to be difficult, of course.

The technologies, equipment, documentation - everything is updated, you need to move forward and constantly learn something, but the work is just getting more interesting.


Sergey Popov, managing director of JSC «UEC-Perm Engines», granted the diplomas to the prize winners named after R.Ŕ. Zemskova and congratulated on the International Women’s Day:   

- You bring love and joy, tenderness and warmth, sincerity and unquenchable optimism to the world. You are that perpetual motion machine that allows us to spread our wings and strive for new heights. I wish you bright spring mood, happiness and love!




Raisa Aleksandrovna Zemskova (1938-2009), founder of Zemskov labor dynasty, has worked as a milling machine operator at «UEC-Perm Engines» for 34 years. During her work she was awarded with the order of Friendship of Peoples and Labour Glory of the III degree, medals «For labor glory», «For honest work». The prize named after the holder of the order of Friendship of Peoples R.A. Zemskova was established at the Perm engine building plant named after Ya. Sverdlov (now JSC "UEC-Perm Engines") in 1984.