«Perm Engines» went to the schools with an educational project «Victory in the sky»

There was opened a travelling exhibition in Perm secondary school ¹99, dedicated to Perm flying heros Nikolay Krasnov, Anvar Gataullin, Aleksandr Pokryshkin. They made an invaluable contribution to the victory of the Soviet people over Nazi Germany.

It is a part of a large educational project “Victory in the sky. Guide school”, which is implemented by the Museum of Perm engine building history at schools of the Sverdlovsk district of Perm.

The school pupils of 7-8 grades for two months of the classes have learned not only how to talk interestingly about events related to the life of the plant in wartime, but also how correctly to make their speech and not get tired, how to work properly with breathing. All of them defended the final work – they independently gave a tour around the exhibition, having previously improved and complemented the bulk of the material with interesting details.

They demonstrated their skills to the guests of the school - the head of the administration of the Sverdlovsk region of Perm, Andrei Usov, the head of the representative office of the Rostec state corporation in the Perm Krai Vasiliy Tsygankov, and most importantly - to veterans of the Krasnov microdistrict.

According to Yekaterina Olt, a pupil of the 8th grade of school ¹ 99 in Perm, the project is aimed at developing of communication and speaking skills. “Preparing for the tour, I realized that this material is close to me. I deeply felt the history of my city, of my street and of our plant, ” told Yekaterina.

The managing director of JSC “UEC-Perm Engines” Sergey Popov handed over certificates of completion of the guide school to all project participants.


Valeriya Gavrilova, head of the Museum of Perm engine building history:

- This exhibition project is one of the ways to educate schoolchildren the love to the motherland.

Studying the material, the pupils were imbued with the history of their city, microdistrict, and plant. It is important that each of them has its own presentation of the information. In addition to the story about the skill of the air pilots, we are talking about La-5 and Tu-2 aircraft, and about the engines of the plant ¹ 19, and, of course, about the persons of the director of the wartime plant Anatoly Soldatov and designer Arkady Shvetsov.  


Sergey Popov, managing director of JSC «UEC-Perm Engines»:

- During the four military years the plant produced almost 32 thousands of engines, every seventh aircraft of the Soviet Union air forces was equipped with Perm engines. In decisive battles – the Battle of Stalingrad and the Kursk Bulge – Perm Engines ensured the superiority of the country’s air force over enemy aircraft. The exhibition «Victory in the sky» is one more opportunity to teach the pupils these important facts.


The exhibition «Victory in the sky» will remain at school ¹ 99 for two months, and then will be exhibited at other schools of the Sverdlovsk district of Perm.