Professionalism and responsibility in everything

Every year in February ten best engine builders are awarded a certificate on assigning of honorary title of excellent quality worker and a silver badge.  As per results of 2019 a prestigious company award has been granted to a caster Dmitriy Ilinykh, turner Andrey Saburov, heat treatment operators Rinat Minnigalyeev and Alexander Dolgikh, mechanical assembly operations worker Vladimir Totmyanin, polishers Miksim Brodskiy and Irina Zamorina, assembly fitter Vasiliy Kutyshev,  mechanical engineer-test operator Andrey Kokaryev and gas turbine units technical specialist Alexander Polyakov.

Each of them has his/her own approach to work, experience and professional background, but one thing unites all of them: responsibility in performance of a given task, striving to provide a high quality of the company products. 


Engines assembly fitter Vasiliy Kutyshev works for JSC UEC-PE since 2015. Within five years he has passed all qualification steps and now he is given the most complicated operations for performance. In his cell Vasiliy is engaged in fitting of assemblies of free high and low pressure turbines for industrial engines, GTU-12P and GTU-16P, their balancing and flushing and actively participates in mastering of PS-90GP-2 assemblies.     

– Power is generated and gas is transported by means of our engines, that’s why each production service employee must strictly follow the technology performing the tasks given to them and avoid faults, – says Vasiliy.


Turner of mechanical assembly operations shop Andrey Saburov thinks that the most important point of his profession is ideal precision, since manufacturing a part requires its precise sketching in mind, proper planning of work and tools application. 


– My profession is my mission, – Andrey is confident thereof. – I like to watch how a shapeless blank in my hands turns into a product required by engine-building industry.  


Sergey Popov, Managing director of JSC UEC-Perm Engines, the head of Russian Engineering Union Perm regional division thanked excellent quality workers for professionalism and responsible attitude to work as follows:   

– You are an example for your colleagues and guide for a younger generation. You show the way one must work and strive for something. The future of our company depends on people like you. I wish you good luck in your future work and new victories!