UEC-Perm Engine’s Training center implements new projects

The training center of JSC UEC-Perm Engines has announced plans for the near future. As before, its main aim – is professional training of the company employees.

The company keeps training the employees as to competences in quality following UEC STO standards. During three years all the company workers will study subjects related to product quality assurance, implementation of STO statutory requirements, management of special technological processes, documentation and risks, etc. Great attention is paid to the training on the labor efficiency.

The training center elaborates new educational projects (these are, for instance, School of trailblazers, courses for newly employed manufacturing engineers) and revises training programs, including those for cell leaders, deputy shop managers, and takes part in national projects “Labor efficiency improvement and employment support” and “Demography”.

“School for youth pool” has moved to the new stage of its evolvement: in 2019 more than 80 employees acquired skills in management, learnt to speak in front of the audience, to manage wisely their time and to build relations with coworkers. Each “pooler” developed and defended its project focused on improvement of either its activity or certain manufacturing processes. In 2020 the “School for youth pool” will keep running. The organizers make a point that both specialists and workers are highly interested in the project.

The development of mentoring concept is also in the highlight. In the first quarter of this year a new statute on the mentoring, which will detail training patterns depending on the experience and qualification of the newly employed resources, is planned to be introduced. New motivation system has been developed: it focuses the raise of mentors’ interest in decent training outcomes.

This year UEC-Perm Engines is hosting the first forum for teachers and mentors – “Train professionals”. It’s been conceived as communication platform for those who involved into a professionals training by rendering both theoretical and operational training. The forum participants will develop documents essential for the further work – mentor’s and teacher’s codes.

-We are willing to create friendly environment for the proper knowledge transfer – from generation to generation, from professionals to new comers, - says Olga Krasavina, HR Director at UEC-PE. – Actually the company is actively hiring staff, and heavy burden and responsibility fall on the mentors.


In 2019 nearly 7 thousand employees were trained in the UEC-Perm Engines’ s training center, and about 4000 of the are workers, 3000 – managers and specialists. Training center programs consider interests and needs of any audience, from workers and production cell leader up to managers of shops and divisions.