Perm schoolchildren intend to work in UEC companies

Perm kicked off a regional round of proficiency orientation championship “Build a Career in the UEC” which is carried out in the resident cities of the Companies of the United Engine Building Corporation. The quantity of participants from Perm is growing year on year. This year UEC – Perm Engines with the support of Perm region branch of the RF Engineering Union made arrangements for over eighty 9th -11th graders from five Perm schools to take part in the event.

In the framework of the championship the pupils do tests and tasks in such fields of the Physics as Geometrical optics, Mechanics, Fundamentals of Thermodynamics and Electricity. Already at this stage the young people opt for the technical professions which are in great demand in the UEC.

One of the first schools to take part in the championship was school # 124. Yekaterina Uzhegova the pupil of the 11th grade became the 3rd place winner in the same championship a year ago. This year she intends to have the 1st prize and get it to the country level.


Yelena Bortnikova, a teacher of Physics of school # 124:

- 26 children participating today in the championship “Build a career in the UEC” are from the 9th- 11th grade. The Physics is their conscious choice, they plan to take the exam in Physics as part of State Unified Examination. There are Physics focused subject groups in the 10th -11th grades. The current school curriculum requires more than just learning the laws and formulas. Pupils ought to know how to apply them and understand the basics, be able to correlate the theoretical knowledge and practical skills.


Yelena Mekhanoshina, deputy director for pedagogical work in school ą 124, Perm:

- The interest in technical professions among the pupils is growing continuously. Many of them are planning to enter Perm National Research Polytechnic University, some will go to Perm Aviation Technical College and College of Industrial and Information Technologies after the 9th grade.

Owing to UEC - Perm Engines the students of these educational institutions can do job trials. The championship “Build a career in the UEC” is one more step towards the future profession.  


Olga Krasavina, HR Director of JSC UEC-Perm Engines:

- By building the chain “School – Higher Educational Institution – Company” we try to spark the interest of the senior graders at an early stage and tell them more about the company and various possibilities offered to the young employees of Perm Engines to grow professionally and career-wise.


The results of the championship “Build a Career in the UEC” will be summarized at the end of January 2020. The award ceremony will take place in February in the premises of JSC UEC-Perm Engines.