A unique exposition Open-air Aviation museum is updated

The update works of art object Open-air Aviation museum located on the company concrete safeguard along Kuibyshev Street in Perm. The transformation of the grey boring fence into bright graffiti caused many positive emotions of Perm citizens.

The first images of aircraft provided with Perm engines appeared here in 2015: the exposition was dedicated to the Victory anniversary and the role of engine building factory ą 19 during the years of the great Patriotic War.  The artists depicted full size fighter planes I-16, La-5, La-5FN, bombers Su-2 and Tu-2, transportation aircraft Li-2 and others.

In 2016 the work continued and the pictures of jet liners, helicopters, reduction gears and even missiles appeared. The great scale project of 2016 has become a result of joint financial participation of all campus enterprises, i.e. JSC-Perm Engines, UEC-Aviadvigatel, Reductor-PM, Proton –PM. 

 This year it was decided to reconstruct the first part of graffiti: the harsh Ural weather severely damaged the art object and whole pieces of plaster fell down in some places. Therefore, about 300 meters of images were removed together with a significant layer of concrete, the surface was aligned and carefully prepared for the images application.  


As the author of the project, Perm historian, employee of the Department of Information Policy of JSC UEC-PE Vladimir Ivashkevich said, the artists created not plane pictures, but dimensional maximum feasible images on renewed safeguard. The second innovation is depicting of people without whom it is impossible to build any type of machinery. They are pilots, designers, mechanical engineers, engine builders. They are depicted in black and white, as if coming today from photo chronicles of old times. Each image is now a part of a general narrative. For example, first comes I-15 in the form of a drawing. Then the aircraft is rolled from the factory gate onto the take-off field. Then the aircraft takes part in the air parade as an achievement and pride of national aviation. And the next I-16 aircraft takes part in severe air fight – fiercely fighting with wings covering already damaged …  

Three aircraft and two engines were added into the new exposition: fighter plane I-15bis and prewar I-16 painted in the style of Chkalov pilot group Red five; bomber Pe-8 – the largest battleplane of Soviet Air Force of the Great Patriotic War time.


 - This unusual aviation museum also has an image of Il-14 flown by my father Nikolay Novikov.   Even the aircraft number SSSR-13353 is applied on it, – told Larisa Kalashnikova, leading specialist of scheduling department of JSC UEC-PE.–He was a flight mechanical engineer of the aircraft belonging to our company and often took me into the cockpit as he was absolutely sure in the engines reliability. That’s why the history of our company and my family are joined together.        


The project was implemented by a group of Perm artists managed by one and only Alexey Schigalyov.  


For reference:

It took 35 buckets of facade paint and 366 aerosol cans to create a new image in 2019. The length of reconstructed section is 330 m. The total length of entire art object Open-air Aviation museum is 990 m.