Young specialists of JSC UEC-Perm Engines demonstrated excellent results during the forum Engineers of the future

From July 4 till July 11 VIII International young specialists forum took place in Orenburg region. Five representatives of JSC UEC- Perm Engines have become not only active participants of the majority of actions and gained new experience but also set their personal records.   As per results of all tests their team won the seventh prize. And the joint team of United engine Building Corporation won the second prize among 66 teams participating in the forum. The prize has been won thanks to high results of Perm specialists as well.   

Evgeniy Ivanov gained the majority of points for the joint team of UEC – PE. He won the first prize in the robots competition. During the forum robotics faculty gave young people an opportunity to learn the principles of robots design and assembly and at the end each student demonstrated his/her invention. The robot run by Evgeniy was stronger and faster than his rivals. Evgeniy told that it was a great opportunity for him to enlarge his scope of knowledge. Hopefully these skills would be helpful at further implementation of robotics projects in our company.    

Kamilla Kiraeva, leading manufacturing engineer of metallography and materials inspection of JSC UEC - Perm Engines, was a student of Production organization faculty organized by state educational complex.  Within the project Industrial elite-2030 we developed measures on improvement of prestige and status of engineer profession aimed at professional growth of technical qualifications representatives. Future generation engineers training is significant for our company and professional adherence, – Kamilla remarked. 

Manufacturing engineer of advanced technologies center of JSC UEC-Perm Engines  Nikolay Mukhanov shared his impressions as well (in the personal rating he took the 26th position of 100): “I was engaged in electronics and robotics faculty and circuit techniques lessons turned out to be the most interesting and useful for me. It is research and technology sphere including design, development and adjustment of electronic circuits and different appliances. It was also useful to take part in the informational meeting Neuronal network and computer intellect in production preparation or the way to replace the company services by computers. JSC UEC-Klimov representatives organized this meeting. 


Olga Krasavina, HR-director, JSC UEC-Perm Engines:

-  Attraction of young people into engineering activities is effective nowadays for all industrial companies of Russia. We were very attentive selecting the participants for the company team which included the most active youth representatives who succeeded during professional skills contests. This forum was their good opportunity for professional and personal development.  We are proud of our specialists success: the seventh line in corporate rating is a great achievement! Hopefully we will keep this high level in the future.


For reference:

The forum Engineers of the future was organized by Russian Engineering Union with support of state corporation Rostech. About a thousand young specialists took part in it in 2019. Their age is 20-30 years and they came from over 40 countries. Over 200 Russian companies and educational institutions representatives came to take part in it.