JSC – Perm Engines: 85 years in movement

On June, 1 JSC UEC-Perm Engines celebrated the 85th birthday. On this occasion on June, 6 an awesome holiday for the citizens of Perm and mainly for the company employees took place on the square named after M. I. Subbotin. 


The holiday program called “Life in movement” was opened by kids concert show with the best creative teams of the city participating. Costumed characters, acrobats and circus performers created the world of fairy tales, unexpected adventures, songs, dances and multiple contests for one and half an hour. A creative program called “The factory is my destiny” was organized for the company veterans and honorable guests heard warm congratulations and memorable songs of Soviet years. The spectators remembered particularly dancing flash mob of Perm Engines young employees within the program called “Engine”. 

–Everyone was busy during the celebration: there were children playground, games and various subjects zones and the concert program surprised adults and children as well. The event was very interesting and large-scale, - shared her impressions Mariya Kostitsyna, a member of the youth board of JSC UEC-PE.   

The "monetary" show has become one more surprise for the celebration guests – with the help of experienced smiths engine builders could "shape" a memorable coin with anniversary symbol of UEC - Perm Engines. On certain platforms there were festive photo zones, a photo exhibition "Speeches.Views. Names" with unique photos from the fund of the museum of history of Perm engine building. The attention of celebration guests was attracted by exposure of the engines produced by UEC - Perm Engines: there were D-30, D-30F6 and TV2-117 engines exhibited. 

Sergey Popov, Managing director of JSC UEC-Perm Engines, the head of Russian Engineering Union Perm regional division:

- 85 years ago Perm engine-building started on this very place. Just established aircraft engines factory released the first engines, developed technologies, increased production scopes. And here almost century later we work at the hi-tech enterprise, we make the best engines for the Russian commercial aviation and for transportation of oil and gas. I am proud of our wonderful employees – a real team of adherents. Thanks to your professionalism we make high quality products which are appreciated in Russia and abroad. I am sure that in 15 years we will honorably celebrate the company hundred years.

The employees of UEC-Perm Engines were congratulated by authorities – the Deputy Head of government of Perm Krai, Tatyana Abdullina, the head of Perm, Dmitry Samoylov, the head of the Sverdlovsk district Andrey Usov and also directors of the city industrial enterprises. They have expressed their gratitude to employees of the company for long-term work and provided certificates of appreciation and letters of thanks to the best of them.

The turner of shop 95 Roman Petrov awarded with the Certificate of appreciation of JSC UEC:

I process parts which go both on industrial, and aircraft engines, including new PD-14 engine. These parts are complex, therefore it is always necessary to be extremely attentive and concentrated. I am glad that my contribution to the common affair was marked on the level of corporation. It stimulates to work even better. 

Over 10 thousand people work for Perm Engines, each of which makes an inestimable contribution to production of aircraft engines and gas turbine units. At the end of 2018 a new advanced PD-14 engine the development of which is attentively followed not only in Russia, but also abroad has acquired the certificate of type of Rosaviatsiya. Its serial production has just begun in the company.

On the day following after the celebration the exhibition called “The Factory and the City” was opened on the square named after Subbotin. The exposure from twelve stands devoted to the 85th anniversary of JSC UEC-Perm Engines tells about the brightest and important pages of formation of the company and Perm city.