Career orientation championship winners have been awarded at JSC Perm Engines

The results of career orientation championship “Build a career in UEC” among the pupils of the 9th-11th forms were summarized in JSC UEC- Perm Engines. Awards ceremony of Perm pupils – the championship winners and prizers – took place on March 21 in the Museum of Perm engine building history.   

The championship “Build a career in UEC” is a yearly event taking place from December to January in all the cities where United Engine –Building Corporation (UEC) companies are situated. One of the organizers of career orientation championship in Perm krai is JSC UEC-Perm Engines.

– The championship “Build a career in UEC” helps Perm pupils to realize their potential and choose their future profession, also the children familiarize with engine-building companies activities. The pupils of schools ¹¹ 134, 76, 96 took part in the championship and pupils of the school ¹ 42 joined us for the first time this year. All the participants demonstrated good results and I am sure that many bright achievements are expecting these children, – noticed Olga Krasavina, HR Director of JSC UEC-PE.

While testing the pupils were offered to answer general questions on aviation and engines operating principles. The participants were able to try themselves as engineers and aircraft designers and compete with their agemates assembling the engine assembly units. The pupils solved different level problems with the help of specially designed on-line simulator. Each task block consisted of four sections dedicated to basic activities of UEC. The children were given only 60 minutes to solve them. 

– This year is not the first when our school pupils demonstrate top results in the championship“Build a career in UEC”. Such events unite, make the children interested in engineering professions, familiarize our pupils with activities where they will be able to realize themselves in the future, - told Svetalana Polyakova, the teacher of physics of school ¹ 76. 

As per results of individual championship of JSC UEC-Perm Engines within “Build a career” event the first prize of the 9th form pupils was taken by Vladimir Stapheev (9 c form, school ¹ 42), 10th form pupils –by Eugeniy Zenkov (10 À form, school ¹ 76), and among the pupils of the 11th forms parallel Maxim Shilov (11 À form, school ¹ 76) was acknowledged as a winner.

–The problems I solved within the championship were not easy, but interesting. I liked their interactive form. Solving the problems I learned many new things and the experience and knowledge I gain will be useful in my future studies. After school I plan to enter Perm polytechnic university and connect my career with engine building activity, – shared Eugeniy Zenkov, the pupil of school ¹ 76».