Boris Izgagin: “I’m not ashamed of the life I lived”

JSC UEC-Perm Engines held solemn event dedicated to 100-anniversary of well-known company director


Boris G. Izgagin was born February 10, 1919, in Chusovoy settlement of Perm county in Perm province. His father was railway conductor and passed away when Boris was only 10 years old. Having grown up in a large family he always kept great dedication and skills to build up relations with people. These are Boris Izgagin’s features his colleagues and students talked about at the meeting which was held February 12 in the museum of Perm engine building history. For this significant date the museum exposition has been enlarged with personal papers of B.G. Izgagin and video chronicles. And UEC-Perm Engines company management building has accommodated photography exposition “I am a happy man”.

Among those who came to share memories of Perm Citizen of Honor, general director of PPO Motorostroitel were Aleksandr Dicheskul, headmaster of Perm Aviation Technical School and son of company chief engineer in 1970-80s, Igor Papkov, senior deputy chairman of Legislative Assembly of Perm Krai, Dmitriy Samoylov, Perm city head, Nikolay Andreev, JSC UEC-Perm Engines director on infrastructure, company facilities managers and company veterans as well.


Managers of industrial companies recalled Boris Izgagin as strict but fair leader. Without any exceptions, everyone said that he valued people and wasn’t indifferent to others’ problems.


Valeriya Gavrilova, head of Perm engine building history museum:

-         The name of Boris Izgagin is linked with the mastering of products significant for Russia: rocket engines for Launch vehicle Proton, D-30F6 engines for fighter-interceptor MiG-31, VR-26 reducer for the world most load-lifting helicopter Mi-26. I am proud that I knew him in person. This is remarkable example of responsible manager and positive man: he always smiled and exchanged his good vibe with others.


Dmitriy Samoylov. Perm city head:

-         Life of the legend director Boris Izgagin was continuously connected with Perm Engines for 65 years, that’s an era. In the years when Boris Izgagin managed this company dozens of thousands of sq. meters of accommodation were built, annually more than 30 thousand sq. meters of housing. All in all under his leadership the company extended the city by 400 thousand sq. meters of accommodation. Such residential areas as Krasnov, Krokhalev, Gromov, Yubileyny micro-districts were overbuilt with modern houses under Izgagin. Opening of Motorostroitel (now BM), the biggest swimming pool in Prikamiye, has become the main symbol of that time. Including this achievement, Izgagin was given Perm Citizen of Honor in 1997.

Many thanks to the company management for the events dedicated to Boris G. Izgagin’s memory held today. It was a joy to meet people who knew him personally, worked with him and shared stories of his life. I reckon all Perm citizens ought to know names of such people, remember what they did for us, for all who live and work in the city.


Sergey Belov, Head of Chusovoy municipal area, said that Chusovoy citizens are proud of their townman and in the nearest future Railroadmen’s Palace of Culture will accommodate museum exposition and the place of honor will be for Boris Izgagin’s personality.



Boris Izgagin came to the company in 1939 after graduation from Perm Aviation Technical School. He worked as a manufacturing engineer, deputy manager of assembly shop, and managed assembling process in 1953-60s. From 1964 he was the head of “the second production” – rocket engine release. In 1973 he became company director and managed the company for almost 14 years.

Boris Izgagin dedicated 65 years of his life to the company. He used to go over his golden rule: “If you want to live better – you have to work harder”. Having retired he worked as an engineer of Customer support division for 18 years. From 1986 to 1993 he was the head of Company Veterans’ Council and made it active public organization.

In 1976 for mastering new technologies and products crucial for the country director Izgagin was given Hero of Socialist Labor. And in 1984 he became a laureate of USSR National Award. In 1997 he was given Perm Citizen of Honor. Last year Perm Technical School of Industrial and Information Technologies was named after Boris Izgagin.