He was an educator of the new generation


The technical college of industrial and information technologies is named after Boris Izgagin 


On September 3 during the celebratory assembly in Perm technical college of industrial and information technologies (PTPIT) it was officially announced that this educational institution is named after Boris G. Izgagin – a legendary director of Perm Engine-building Company, an honored Perm citizen. In June this decision was unanimously made at the meeting of Perm Krai Legislative Assembly.

On the ground floor of the technical college a memorial composition with the portrait of B.G.Izgagin and was set-up tagged with his quote: “Love your work, treat it seriously, be responsible fulfilling your duties and you’ll be fully recompensed”.

On the square in front of UEC-Perm Engines entrance, flash mob was performed symbolizing cooperation between the enterprise and the college: the students formed the inscription “PM + PTPIT” and released balloons into the sky.     

            At the celebratory event Georgy Izgagin told that his father always paid close attention to the college. And what’s most important – supplied the college with the new machines to enable the youth to learn with the hands-on the most sophisticated equipment.


Welcoming speech for the students and teachers of the college was delivered by Managing director of JSC UEC-Perm Engines, deputy of Perm Krai Legislative Assembly Sergei Popov:

- It is impossible to fulfil difficult tasks on production of the new products without qualified personnel. Boris Izgagin was well aware of this and tried to create all possible conditions for training true professionals. We are continuing these traditions and setting up a dual educational project together with the college which will allow the students to get practical occupational skills on the production floor. Learning is always a responsibility. And now learning in a college named after Izgagin it is a double responsibility.


The first deputy Chairman of Perm Krai Legislative Assembly Igor Papkov also congratulated the college and shared the reminiscences about B.G.Izgagin’s personal qualities:

- We encounter not so many people of whom we can say that they contributed a lot to our life.

In my case such person was Boris G. Izgagin. I learnt two lessons he taught me – to show respect and attention to every employee and feel constant concern about the future of the company.

He has made a huge contribution into the development of the infrastructure of our city. Take for example the houses for small family accommodation (called “malosemeiki”) which nowadays seem already not so convenient to live in but at that time were the best way out of the housing shortage for many young families.     






For information:


B.G. Izgagin always cared about development of the college. In 1988 it was him who helped to build a new several storied academic building simultaneously with the new administrative building of the company. The workshop equipped with CNC machines was set up which was continuously upgraded and re-equipped. At Izgagin’s request the college became the first in Perm to train the workers in such new specialities as set-up technician, CNC machine operator etc. In 1987 the Company helped the college to create Information technologies training center. This allowed to introduce the computers and develop the training software in the professional colleges all over Perm region.

Today the college releases 400 professional graduates every year. UEC – Perm Engines employs annually over 50 graduates of the technical college. These are CNC machine operators, set-up technicians, inspectors of machining and bench-work operations, electrical technicians.