The winners of multi-discipline engineering competition “Star” were awarded in Perm

The results of all-Russian multi-discipline engineering competition “Star” have been summarized. The second consecutive year its organizers are Perm region division of Russian Engineering Union, JSC UEC-Perm Engines and Perm National Research Polytechnic University (PNIPU).      

This year over a thousand people took part in the competition and 337 of them reached the final. 41 pupil from Perm and Perm region, i.e. Vereschagino, Kungur, Nytva, Zvezdnyi, Ust-Kishert, Berezovka, became the winners and prizers. Perm secondary school ¹ 76 is a leading school regarding the quantity of winners and prizers, as nine senior pupils at once took top places.  

Preliminary round at schools included 10 tasks in physics. Those who demonstrated the best results came through to the final: in polytechnic university they had to create a project on one of the following topics: “Aircraft and rocket and space equipment”, “engineering and technologies of shipbuilding and water transport”, “Materials technologies”, “Mechanic engineering”, “Construction activities”.    

Nataliya Sanina, vice-dean of aerospace faculty on pre-university and career guidance activities of PNIPU, said that “the novelty of final round is that the pupils had not only to write a paper. The key thing they had to do was to invent, substantiate, do simple calculations and make a summary. All those pupils who reached the final round are interesting, creative and inventive. We would like to see them among the students of our university”. 

Except for the diplomas, memory star signs and valuable prizes the graduates of this year will get 10 bonus points to the results of Uniform state exam which can be applied at their entrance to the universities and a personal invitation for employer-sponsored training from JSC UEC- Perm Engines as well. The company is interested for these pupils to graduate from the universities in field-special qualifications and come to work to the company in several years, that is why “its” students can be provided by free education and scholarship.     

Polina Lomakina, a graduate of Perm gymnasium ¹ 31, 2nd prize winner of “Star” competition got such an invitation. She told that so far she has not decided which university to enter. However she wants to connect her life either with engine building or robotics, she is interested in nuclear power engineering as well. “At the competition there was a task to create an air vehicle on the basis of natural phenomena, - told Polina, - I offered to take maple “blades” as the basis. They rotate while flying. My second idea was connected with a cucumber: when it maturates it shoots out with seeds as per jet engine principle”. Polina is going to accept the offer and come to work to the company. “The students who passed their practice in Perm Engines told me that the staff is pleasant and the adaptation period does not take long”,- said Polina.    


Olga Krasavina, HR-Director of JSC UEC-Perm Engines congratulated the participants and winners of “Star” and thanked the headmasters and teachers, as the competition would have not taken place without their assistance. She emphasized on a high level of the pupils preparation. “You, the participants of “Star” competition have a potential to get all hounded points at the Uniform state exam. Let’s demonstrate to the whole country that Perm krai is the best!” 



JSC “UEC-Perm Engines” is a serial manufacturer of aircraft engines, industrial gas turbine plants for power generation and gas transport. JSC “UEC-PE” is included into JSC “United Engine Building Corporation”. 

JSC “United Engine Building Corporation” (included into the State Corporation Rostec) is an integrated structure specializing in development, serial manufacture and maintenance of the engines for military and civil aviation, space programs and navy, as well as oil and gas and power industry. One of the “UEC” business priorities is implementation of complex programs aimed at the field enterprises development including integration of the new technologies compliant with the international standards.