The Night in the Aircraft Engine Museum

On May 19 the Museum of Perm engine building for the first time took part in the Museum night – annual promotional program devoted to the International Museum Day.

For three hours, the unique exposition with a full size engine was attended by 60 visitors – both young and older people.  

The night’s agenda was rich and interesting – together with the journalist Vladimir Ivashkevich the spectators tried to answer whether the aircraft engines could be interesting for the people of delicate nature? Whether the machine is capable to impact human mentality and dictate people’s conduct? Areforceandthrusttechnical terms or emotional notions? Among the discussed topics was the birth of legendary motor ASh-82, tragic faith of the first director of the Company – Yosif Poberezhsky, mystery of La-5 creation – the best fighter of the Great Patriotic War and many others.        

The visitors had a chance to sit in the armchair of the Company’s director, fill in a form dated to the time when the company was named after Stalin, with the use of a feather-ink pen (the task quite hard to fulfil on the first try), and take photos on the background of the preferred exhibits. The spectators left to the museum the handmade colorful pictures with warm wishes and even played the ukulele - the Hawaiian guitar.


“The night in the museum was spent in light and intelligent atmosphere, – says Valeria Gavrilova, head of the Company history bureau – For us it is really a historical event. This is the first time that the company personnel could come to the Company with their friends and relatives on a Saturday night. The impressions are most positive   which is proved by the visitor’s favourible notices in the feedback book of the museum.  


On Saturday, 2nd June  the night in the museum will be continued: the company will be visited by the representatives of the Company dynasties – those who no longer work at Perm Engines. They will bring their children and grandchildren.  


 For information:

Today’ collection of the museum comprises over 7000 exhibit units including 13 aircraft engines and one gearbox. Quite specific exhibits of the museum are gramophone which belonged to Yosif Poberezhsky, golden watch of Arkady Shvetsov, personal belongings  of the “war time” director Anatoly Soldatov and designer Peval Solovyov, The book of honor dtd 1942, Company awards and unique newsreels of the thirties and fifties. This year the museum celebrates its 50th anniversary.   


JSC UEC-Perm Engines is a serial manufacturer of aircraft engines, industrial gas turbine plants for power generation and gas transportation. JSC UEC-Perm Engines is included into JSC United Engine Building Corporation

JSC United Engine Building Corporation (included into the State Corporation Rostec) is an integrated structure specializing in development, serial manufacture and maintenance of the engines for military and civil aviation, space programs and navy, as well as oil, gas and power industry. One of the UEC business priorities is implementation of complex programs aimed at the field enterprises development including integration of the new technologies compliant with the international standards.