A Conference for New PD-14 Engine Operators was held at Perm engines

A conference presenting a program of PD-14 engine to potential customers was held on March 28 in out-of-town test facility of JSC UEC-Perm Engines in Novye Lyady.


The conference purpose was to demonstrate the potential of production and test facilities of JSC UEC-Perm Engines, present PD-14 engine, specify its technical and design features, present test results and find out special requirements of potential customers to organization of after-sale service of the engines. The representatives of United Engine Building Corporation, Irkut Corporation, Red Wings, Aeroflot, S7, Izhavia airlines and aircraft leasing companies representatives took part in the conference.   


Sergey Popov, Managing director of JSC UEC-PE presented a new adapter stand to the guests. From June 2018 this stand will be used for the first serial engines PD-14. Also he told about its potential and the company test base prospective development.    


Then a meeting was held where the reports of Irkut Corporation, JSC UEC-Aviadvigatel, JSC UEC-Perm Engines representatives were presented and the guests had a chance to ask all questions they were interested in. Mainly the Operators were interested in the new engine design peculiarities, its operation cost, after-sale service prospective.  


Sergey Popov, Managing director of JSC UEC-PE, a representative of Perm region division of Russian Engineering Union: 


The conference participants asked totally practical questions connected with the engine operation – the price of working hour and maintenance, as they wish to understand the price of this engine possession. Except for the hardware implementation, PD-14 project includes the most important element – its after-sale service provision. Certainly we have a considerable work ahead to create Customer support center which will work for 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, field representative offices network establishment, engines maintenance stations all over the country, repair maintenance organization, modules replacement in operation provision. Also new repair technologies which allow to decrease its net cost considerably and correspondingly decrease the cost of engine operation have to be elaborated. At present we are working over a project of the company training center establishment where all types of produced engines will be represented, i.e. family PS-90A, PD-14, industrial application units. Here the Operators representatives will be able to study the engine design, acquire knowledge, get a consultation about any engine operation peculiarities.       

We are sure we will create a high quality product comparable with foreign analogues in terms of its specifications and operational properties. It is essential not to fail in operation and provide a high quality service. And the key point is that we don’t have the right for mistake and must succeed on the first try.    


Kirill Budaev, Vice-president on marketing and sales of PJSC Irkut Corporation:


On our part we are satisfied with the process of test base preparation for a new engine and keep a close eye on all types of its tests and certification actions. As per signed contract we are expecting for the engines for aircraft MS-21 test flights.   


At the end of the conference its participants expressed their common opinion that the choice preference of an aircraft with Russian engine PD-14 is evident from the point of view of the engine price and its maintenance cost as well. Moreover obvious advantage of PD-14 is the Manufacturer’s proximity to operating airlines.

The airlines representatives emphasized that the conference participation was required to understand the approaches of operation of a new product which will soon enter Russian market. 

On the whole all participants got positive impressions of what they have seen, all questions have been clearly answered, further plans for cooperation with the company have been made. A number of participants expressed their wish to familiarize with the engines production directly in a more detailed way, visit the company shops and basic facility.     


JSC “UEC-Perm Engines” is a serial manufacturer of aircraft engines, industrial gas turbine plants for power generation and gas transport. JSC “UEC-PE” is included into JSC “United Engine Building Corporation”.