Perm female engine builders were granted with the award of honorable miller Raisa Zemskova

On the eve of spring holiday on the stage of A.G. Soldatov Palace of Culture JSC UEC-Perm Engines traditionally awarded fifteen female workers who were declared the best employees of 2017.

Among the laureates there are both blue collar trade female workers (grinder, turner, EDM process operator, CNC machine operator, mechanical test engineer, electrochemical machining operator) and specialists of other services. And all of them have tremendous work experience in the company – 17 to 43 years.

Svetlana Yusupova, assembly fitter of aircraft engines, has been working with the company for 37 years. Her basic principle is to follow a process strictly because this is the only way to achieve defect-free product manufacturing. Lyubov Bashatova, mechanical test engineer, believes that it is essential to keep pace with the time, implement new technologies that are highly important in engine testing. Professional credo of Svetlana Kutuzova, who is senior inspector cell leader, is to speak everyone’s language, pay heed to subordinates, and take responsibility for all co-workers. Svetlana Kutuzova considers continuity of generations needs to be supported and developed because this is one of the most important criteria of successful operation of the whole company. Irina Luzina, leading specialist of capital building department, notices that the bottom line is not switching from one place to another but to open new potentials in the trade that you enjoy.

Sergei Popov, Managing Director of JSC UEC-Perm Engines, Chairman of Perm regional branch of the Russian Engineering Union:

-                Recently I have been asked a question: is our company able to work without women? And I have tried to imagine the company without inspectors, fault detection specialist, operators, engineers, designers, manufacturing engineers and dozens of other trades. And I realized that it’s impossible. Every engine that we produce contains not just a bit but 50 percent of your excellence and expertise. We are grateful for your affection, beauty, optimism, warmth, tenderness, care and infinite life force. No matter who you are in the production, first of all you are the very picture of all the best in the world: femininity, maternity and love.

For reference:

Raisa A. Zemskova (1938-2009) the founder of the Zemskovs’ labor dynasty, worked as a miller at Perm Engines for 34 years. For the time of her work she was awarder with Order of People’s Friendship and Order of Labor Glory of the III degree, medals “For Labor Valour” and “For Diligent Work”.

The award of People’s Friendship order holder Raisa Zemskova was established at Ya. Sverdlova Perm engine building plant (currently JSC UEC-Perm Engines) in 1984.

JSC “UEC-Perm Engines” is a serial manufacturer of aircraft engines, industrial gas turbine units for power generation and gas transport. JSC “UEC-Perm Engines” is included into JSC “United Engine Corporation”

JSC “United Engine Corporation” (included into the State Corporation Rostec) is an integrated structure specializing in development, serial manufacture and maintenance of the engines for military and civil aviation, space programs and navy, as well as oil and gas and power industry. One of the “UEC” business priorities is implementation of complex programs aimed at the field enterprises development including integration of the new technologies compliant with the international standards.


State Corporation Rostec is a Russian corporation founded in 2007 with the purpose to support the development, manufacture and export of high-tech civil- and military-application products. It includes over 700 organizations which up to now have been amalgamated into 11 holding companies in the military-industrial complex, 3 organizations in civil industries and more than 80organizations of direct management. Rostec portfolio includes such famous brands as AVTOVAZ, KAMAZ, Concern Kalashnikov, Russian helicopters, VSMPO-AVISMA, UralVagonZavod etc. Rostec organizations are situated on the territories of 60 Russian Federation entities and deliver products to the markets of over 70 countries. Rostec consolidated revenue in 2016 was 1,266 trillion rubles, consolidated net income– 88 billion rubles and EBITDA – 268 billion rubles. The average salary in the Corporation amounts to 44 000 rubles. According to the strategy of Rostec the main goal of the Corporation is to ensure technological advantages of Russia in highly competitive world markets. One of the key goals of Rostec is implementation of new technological paradigm and digitalization of the Russian economy.