Perm Motors have chosen their Beauty Queen

This week was remarkable for the fifth, anniversary, contest “The Queen of Perm Motors” in the palace of culture named after A.G. Soldatov, where 27 female employees of JSC UEC-PE competed for the title of the main beauty.      


The spectators and jury members estimated the contest high level, i.e. professional lighting, high quality special effects, interesting visual sequence, specially invited guest artists added spectacularity and dynamism to the show. The young ladies passed through several contest rounds: defile wearing work clothes, mini-interview, creativity competition and defile wearing evening dresses. The participants’ performances impressed the spectators with variety and originality. Their preparation started in January, so the beautiful engine builders looked like real actresses at the stage.    

Ekaterina Baranova, leading engineer of aircraft engines assembly production preparation, has become the queen of Perm Motors. She has been working in the company only for a year but within this time she has already managed to blend into the team and tries to take part in all the company activities.

 - I believed in myself and hoped for the victory. For the creativity competition I’ve chosen a self-authored poem “Do good”,  all the more so 2018 is a year of a volunteer in Russia. Taking part in this contest is a leap of faith for me and victory over the fears. My shop colleagues supported me and that gave me confidence, – the winner told.


Mariya Luzina, occupational safety engineer, and Anastasiya Yurkina, inspector, won vice-miss prizes in a persistent struggle. Valentina Borisova won the prize in the nomination “The friendliest”. Audience award went to Evegeniya Burugvan, assembly shop progress woman. Elena Shusharina, storekeeper, won the best photo award. Mariya Kostitsina, manufacturing engineer, was awarded by a special prize of Perm region Engineering Union.  

 Except for the company employees two students of specialized technical schools getting dual system education in the company took part in the contest. Anastasiya Dultseva is the third year student of Perm aviation technical school getting a qualification “Aircraft engines production” and Mariya Zhizhina is the second year student of Perm technical school of industrial and informational technologies, who will become an inspector of machine and fitting works. Both girls plan their professional life in the company.     


Sergey Korolev, the head of jury, MasterPhoto photo studio director:  

- From year to year this contest is getting more and more professional. Technical capabilities are being improved: the palace stage lighting is more advantageous, background screen is applied. All this raises a level of the participants’ performances. The crown of Perm motors Queen has become rather prestigious.       


Olga Krasavina, HR-director of JSC UEC-Perm Engines, jury member:

- We hold this contest to demonstrate again that our girls are smart and beautiful and they are not only qualified specialists, but talented and brave persons as well. Our company is not only the job, it’s also entertainment and interesting life. We also ruin the stereotype that it’s impossible to look fashionable wearing work clothes. It is possible for sure!