Participants of the championship “Make your career in UEC” have been awarded in Perm


The end of February was remarkable for summing up the results of all-Russian career-guiding championship “Make your career in UEC” which was held in eight host cities of the United Engine building Corporation. Perm pupils hit top ten among a thousand participants from over 50 educational institutions of the country.   

The championship in the format of on-line simulator let the pupils of the 9-11th forms study the basic products manufactured by UEC companies and check their knowledge in physics while playing. JSC UEC-Perm Engines has become one of its organizers in Perm region supervising the majority of schools.

– We awarded 11 most successful and goal-oriented children, the best of them was Ilya Koksharov, pupil of the 10th form, school ¹ 76, with his highest score. He took the tenth place among the participants all over Russia, - said Olga Krasavina, HR director of JSC UEC-PE. –The greatest achievement of these children is their self-victory. They weren’t lazy to stay after the lessons, take part in the game requiring high concentration of attention and spend their time for self-development. Our company is in need of precisely such personnel. That is why we invite all pupils taking interest in the championship to yearly action “Week without turnstiles” which will take place in Perm Engines from the 16th till 22nd of April where they will be able to familiarize with production closer and talk to experienced specialists.  

A pupil of the 10th form Vyacheslav Kondratiev has already chosen his future profession as his mother works in the company.  

– I will enter Perm national research university, as I want to become a designer and create engines. The championship tasks can be solved by any pupil, however the pupils more or less familiar with the production take an advantage here, - a pupil of the school ¹96 shared his thoughts.

Alexandra Lyamina, a pupil of the 11th form of school ¹76 has a similar career plan.

– I am interested in two specialities: aircraft engines in Perm polytechnic university and robotic engineering in Saint-Petersburg state university. UEC championship is one of the ways to check my preparation level. There were some tricky tasks aimed for overall development check. Some tasks could not be solved without specific knowledge and other could be logically figured out, – explained the girl.

By the way school ¹76 pupils are the favorites of Perm championship. Six representatives of this school, on-line simulator participants, were awarded with diplomas and certificates.   

– We take part in this game not the first time and we have noticed that the tasks keep getting more complicated. So far we manage to cope with them thanks to competent teaching staff and the pupils’ high motivation. We would like to wish the children to achieve their aims and of course make their careers in UEC particularly now when they have good opportunities therefor, – emphasized Tatiana Lepikhina, the head of school ¹ 76.

– Engine building  is a hi-tech sphere manufacturing unique products. The qualifications engaged in this sphere are highly responsible for the lives of people conducting flights. That is why we extremely need qualified staff and pay our attention to prospective pupils, suggest them to make a career in our company, develop engineering and dispute new victories for our country,   – concluded Ksenia Ryazantseva, chief specialist of UEC corporate university.