60-year anniversary of Perm Engines Veterans’ Council

On the 19th of October the final conference of the Veterans’ Council coinciding with the anniversary was arranged in JSC UEC-Perm Engines

In the solemn atmosphere the engine builders were given with best wishes by Yuriy Utkin, Chairman of Perm City Duma, Vasiliy Tsygankov, Head of representative office of State Corporation Rostec, Yelena Degtyareva, Deputy Minister of Industry and Commerce in Perm Region and Vyacheslav Torchinskiy, Head of Sverdlov district in Perm. They have granted letters of gratitude and wished the veterans long life, prosperity and active participation in city public events.

Olga Krasavina, HR Director of JSC UEC-Perm Engines, in her congratulation said:

-                   You are those who created the labor glory of the company. Your life experience, wisdom and rationality, kind advice and moral support help us in solving multiple issues. The fact that you inspire your children and grandchildren to love blue collar trades, teach them kindness and justice, responsibility for common goal is very valuable. It is crucial to reveal the youngsters moral convictions, fellowship ideals and team spirit peculiar to elder generations and without which the effective work of any company is impossible. From the bottom of my heart I wish you perfect health, family happiness and joy in living!

Today 11 thousand people have the company veteran status and more than 5 thousands of them belong to veteran organization one of the biggest organizations in Perm Region. Engine builders veterans are people with active life position, those who continue living according to the company interests and follow the company development.

Originally people started to talk about the company veterans or - as they were called before – “skilled men” even in 1937. It was the time when the implementation of 1934 governmental decree on the payment of long service benefits for the workers with continuous service in engine building company for more than five years started.

In 1940s the tradition to celebrate “day of 10-year workers” on the 1st of June, the company birthday, appeared. And in 1950s “25-year workers” were honored. Those veterans continued to both work actively and make progress in career. “Skilled men” were given with special ID cards and had bonuses in obtaining apartments, health resort vouchers for them and family members.

In 1957 the first special commission for work with the pensioners appeared at trade union committee of the engine building plant, and it was headed by Yelizaveta Lipina – social activist and “a person of vast soul” as her colleagues called her. The commission members did much work in helping the veterans in medical treatment, ensuring living conditions, conveniences and free meals.

Subsequently the Veterans’ Council was spearheaded by such honored people of Perm as Boris Izgagin (from 1988 to 1993), company director and Hero of Social Labor, Viktor Florenko, Head of Automated control systems department, and Vladimir Burylov, former Chairman of trade union committee.

Since 2015 the Veterans’ Council of Perm Engines has been headed by Rashid Dzunza who withdrew from working life in the company as the deputy director on production (in the company since 1969). With him being a head of the Council the active work in basic lines of Council activity have been started including mentoring, and elderly people have become more willing to participate in city and regional events.

In 2016 including through the work of the Council the company garden square was named after famous director M.I. Subbotin. And the Memorial to engine builders killed in Great Patriotic War (WW II) had been restored in front of the A.G. Soldatov Palace of Culture on Komsomolsky prospect by the 9th of May. 704 new names were added to the 235 on two new sections.

Rashid Dzunza, Chairman of Perm Engines Veteran’s Council:

-                     Today veterans’ organization actively works with the company subdivisions on mentoring, sharing with experience and tightly cooperate with Youth Board and trade union committee. Our veterans frequently render methodological assistance to recently assigned young managers. Interaction of experience and youth allows effective building of the shop management system.

At the conference R.I. Dzunza has underlined that engine builders veterans will give a head start to many people: they take top places in various sports events (Russian Ski Track, Health Days), swim, play football and chess (team of “Perm Engines veterans” is one of the strongest teams).

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