Perm Engines Newspaper celebrates its 85th anniversary

On July 3rd corporate newspaper of JSC UEC-Perm Engines celebrated its 85th anniversary. Despite multiple changes of the name and design, the core of the newspaper has always remained the same: to narrate to the engine-builders about their vocational successes and difficulties, new technologies and events from corporate history and certainly about the interesting people who work in the company.  


The idea to organize the plant’s publishing unit dates back to the 8th June 1932 when the Party Committee of Plant ¹ 19 decided to make the all-plant newspaper “For the Motor”. The first issue was released already on July 3rd, 1932 in an edition of 3000 copies.

Initially issued only once a month the newspaper immediately gained popularity among the plant workers. The first authors were the managers of the company subdivisions who wrote about the plans to promptly launch the plant, yet under construction, about the progress in new product assimilation, the snags encountered in production and construction.

Quite soon the newspaper’s issue rate increased, with 138 editions published only in 1936. The releases were printed either on flimsy or brown paper. The published material was mostly comprised of short notes and complaints, sketches and poems, satirical articles and caricatures, on-the-spot reports and photos of top-quality staff members. Since 1937 the engine builderspublication got a new name  – “Stalinetz”. Meanwhile the struggle for the quality on the production floor went on in full swing. Every issue of the newspaper contained calls “For product quality!” and “Fight the rejects!”   

A separate page in the history of the company newspaper is the on-site work with “Pravda” (“Truth”) newspaper team in 1944. Five and a half months the co-workers from “Pravda” inspired the company employees to put utmost efforts into their work and informed them of the war tides. Collaboration with the “Pravda” became a good school for the local journalists teaching them very useful organizational skills. After the war the primary focus of the newspaper was on positive developments, it wrote a lot about housing construction, people, technological innovations. At that time the newspaper did not suffer from shortage of article writers – workers, team-leaders, managers from social and party’s organization – everybody was involved. 

In 1961 the newspaper was renamed to “Lenin’s path” and in 1991- to “Voice of the Engine-builder”. Its current name “Perm motors” it carries since 2002.

At present the number of printed out copies of each issue amounts to 4 thousand. Material for print is prepared by the specialists of Information policy department of JSC UEC-PE.  

Several times over the past few years the newspaper won such competitions as “The best corporate newspaper of the year 2016”, “Journalistic spring”. The journalist Vladimir Ivashkevich got a prize award for the special project comprising a cycle of publications “Plant and war: month after month”, telling about routines of the workers lives inside the factory walls during the Great Patriotic War and what efforts and deprivations lay underneath their successful production results.


Alexey Klochikhin, newspaper editor from 1990 to 2001:

- The Newspaper served as a means of feedback and was independent in a way.   

Together with the company it went through “golgotha” of privatization, corporatization and change of owners… At that time we still had linotypes and type setters, I myself had to make the newspaper layouts with the ruler! You see what a time it was – it brought about changes not only on social and political but on a technical level as well ...


Alexander Meshcherikov, chief editor of “Perm motors” newspaper since 2013:

- Since the first days the newspaper became a link between the shops and departments, managers and workers of the company. And up to now it still remains a means of communication. Every staff member must feel and understand that he does not work just on his own but is a member of the team and that his attitude to the work will have a great effect on the final result. One of the most important issues we always focus on is improvement of self-discipline and product quality improvement. We offer to our readers the sections devoted to engine-builders’ life stories, company dynasties, people of various professions. It is not by chance that the header of the newspaper reads: “Newspaper about people and engines”.