Perm Engines unveiled the exhibition devoted to the 100th anniversary of designer Pavel Solovyov

On May 10th “Two contours of one fate” exhibition opened in the lounge of Premier movie- theater (17, Pionerskaya street), depicting the process of maturation and professional growth of Pavel A. Solovyev in unison with development of  the motor–building plant. It is one of the events of a large-scale program to honor the anniversary of the brilliant Perm aero engine designer.


In the inaugural address Head of Perm engineering museum Valeria Gavrilova noted that the name of Pavel Solovyov stands in one row with Boris Pasternak, Sergey Dyagilev, Nikolai Slavyanov.  

“Being an honored Perm citizen, for us he is first of all - the inventor of aircraft engines, the man who unites the Engineering Design Bureau which designs the engines and the serial manufacturer which produces the engines” – points out V.Gavrilova.     

The symbolic language chosen for this exhibition is images of the information stands which were usually posted on the production floor and in the administrative premises of the company.

The authors of the exhibition Alexey Schigalev and head of photography department of Perm Art Gallery, Vladimir Beresnev explained that they did not aim at making “an exact copy of that time” nor did they try to accurately reproduce the information stands. They preferred to group the images according to the time periods associated with the types and generations of engines designed by Pavel Solovyov. The principle of “dual flow” engine configuration manifested itself in real life as well:  a design concept and production labor cannot exist apart from each other, the aircraft are launched into the sky not by the ideas but by the real engines which are embodied from such ideas by hands of the company workers.

The first spectators of the exhibition were the students from Perm Aviation Technical College. After touring the exposition they watched the documentary film about Pavel Solovyov “The last from the great” (by Vitalii Yakushev). The exhibition opening was attended by one of the daughters of the designer – Nadezhda P. Sandratskaya. 


Nadezhda Sandratskaya, Pavel Solovyov’s daughter:


- I am excited about the exhibition opening and grateful to Perm Engines company with which my father worked side by side all his professional life. The exhibition is made with heart and soul, there are many photos here which I have never seen before… It is about the company’s history, about those who have been building our aviation… Dad was a very fair-minded person with a great sense of humor and  remarkable talent for narration. When we were small children we saw him quite rarely at home and were always eager to listen to his stories about his work and events that happened during his business trips. Of course he never told us any professional secrets…  


Sergey Popov, Managing Director of JSC UEC-Perm Engines, Chairman of Russian Engineering Union division for Perm region:      

- This exhibition is aimed at showing what a great man Pavel Solovyov was, how perfect are the engines that he created. His professionalism in the field he worked in is amazing. To this day, the designed by him engines, developed by MKB design bureau (now JSC UEC-Aviadvigatel) are in operation on different types of civil and military aircraft. This shows the significance of this person both for the company workers and for all citizens of Perm and the region.

The exhibition will be open till the end of May. The access is free.


JSC “UEC-Perm Engines” is a serial manufacturer of aircraft engines, industrial gas turbine plants for power generation and gas transport. JSC “UEC-Perm Engines” is included into JSC “United Engine Building Corporation”