Aviadvigatel & Perm Motor Plant managing directors’ appeal

Dear Visitors,

The common website of Aviadvigatel Experimental Design Bureau and Perm Motor Plant has opened in an updated form.

This year has been ten years since the opening day of the first website of Perm Motor Plant at the domain of http://www.avid.ru/. Moreover it was the first Russian website among engine-building and aircraft-building enterprises of Russia.

Currently all main enterprises of the complex have their own websites or webrepresentations within the website of Perm Motors Group Managing Co., in which products and services of Perm Motor enterprises are shown in full volume.

Last years are marked with positive shifts in the aircraft industry that open real prospects of the dynamic growth of business for Aviadvigatel and Perm Motor Plant. The amount of orders for aircraft products, first of all for the PS-90A and PS-90A1 engines, has considerably increased. The manufacture of the PS-90A-76 engines for the new versions of the renowned Il-76 cargo aircraft that fly worldwide with a big commercial success, has extended. The batch production of the PS-90A2 engine developed in cooperation with the American company of Pratt&Whitney has been mastered. The engine is featured with the significantly reduced cost of its operation. The manufacture of gas-turbine power plants having been developed on the base of Perm aircraft engines and manufactured by Aviadvigatel, has rapidly grown. Orders from Gasprom OJSC are stable, and Perm Motor Plant has become one of its major suppliers of gas turbine machinery for gas compressor stations and gas-turbine power plants.

The plant meets dependably its commitments on overhaul and repair of aircraft equipment and gas turbine machinery and supplies overhaul aircraft factories and consumers of gas turbine machinery with spare parts.

The geography of deliveries of our equipment and the number of customers including foreign ones has dynamically extended. The system of service maintenance of aircraft engines in operation has improved and developed. The representations of the plant in Havana and Baku are opened, in the early 2008 the representation in Pyongyang will be opened.

The Experimental Design Bureau has conducted works on the vital for Russia project of the development of the engine family of the new generation for regional and long-range passenger aircraft and the transport aircraft.

The range of our products and services is extensive, so we ‘built' our website in such a manner that we can quickly get consumers, suppliers and partners informed about new services and products, modifications of our products and other changes and achievements. The website opens visitors a possibility to give us orders for products or services, inquire a further information. We would appreciate constructive suggestions and remarks.

We wish you a useful visiting of our website.


Alexander A. Inozemtsev, Managing Director-General Designer, Aviadvigatel OJSC

Mikhail D. Dicheskul, Managing Director, Perm Motor Plant OJSC