History of "UEC-Perm Engines"

"UEC-Perm Engines" (incorporated into OJSC "MC "United Engine Building Corporation") was founded in 1997 on the base of Engine Building Plant #19, named after I.Stalin (later - named after Ya. Sverdlov), the largest national enterprise, a producer of aircraft engines, which had been successfully operating in Perm since 30-ties of the 20th century.   

Mastering of production of aircraft engines had begun already in 1932 in the shops of the plant, which had been still under construction, and expanded to the full extent since June, the 1st , 1934, when the decision had been made to  manufacture star-like piston engine M-25 "Cyclone", produced by the license of American company "Curtis Wright". Mastering of the engine had been conducted in extremely short time. Already in December, 1936 the staff of the company was granted the first award - the Order of Lenin, given "for the highest quality of M-25 engine and advanced execution of the state programs".

In the years of the Great Patriotic War the production capacity of the enterprise doubled, and the volume of production rose thrice. Thanks to transition to batch production within 4 years of war almost 32 thousand of engines were supplied to 5 aircraft building companies.  The enterprise was awarded the Order of the Red Banner for excellent execution of the tasks of the State Defense Committee.   The engines were intended for military aircrafts, in particular, the famous La-5, La-7, Su-2 and Tu-2 aircrafts. 

In 50-ties and 60-ties of the 20th century new types of production were implemented - the productions of liquid motors, gears for helicopters, and consumer packaged goods. Mastering new technologies and new types of production, UEC-Perm Engines turned into the largest enterprise of the industry.  With transition of aviation from piston to jet engines in 1950-ties the company strengthened its positions and became the constant supplier for world-famous aircraft-producers, such as Tupolev's, Ilushin's, Mikoyan's, Mil's, and Myasishev's companies. There, for the first time in the country, bypass gas turbine engines had been mastered and batch-produced: D-20P (for Tu-124 aircraft), economical and reliable D-30 (Tu-134), mass-produced TV2-117 (Mi-8). The company provided up to 60% of the country need in civil aviation engines, and was awarded the second Order of Lenin (1970) and the Order of October revolution (1984).   

In 1980-ties PTO "Motor builder" had mastered the production of 4th generation engine PS-90A (for Il-96-300, Tu-204, Tu-214, Il-76 aircrafts) and started its batch production, which gave Russia the opportunity to compete on equal footing with the leading world producers of aviation equipment and the best engines of its class- PW2000 (Pratt and Whitney, the USA), RB211 (Rolls-Royce, Great Britain).

In 1990-ties the production of JSC "UEC-Perm Engines" - which had been the name of the company that time - came down to earth, opening the new niche of industrial application of gas turbine engines in oil and gas industry. The production line was supplemented by new samples of gas turbine equipment, intended for incorporation into gas pumping units of compressor station of the main pipelines, and gas turbine stations, which allowed ensuring energy security of the country.  Today  "UEC-Perm Engines" produces more than 10 types of gas turbine plants with the rated power ranging from 2.5 to 25 MW. 

Since 2008 a new era has been opened in the company history. Russian state consolidated the assets of the key enterprises of strategic industries."UEC-Perm Engines" was included into OJSC "MC ‘United Engine Building Corporation" - 100% specialized subsidiary of OJSC "UIC "OBORONPROM" for engine building companies assets management. 

Today a long-term experience of large batch production and modernization of D-30 and PS-90A engines let the company move to mastering the 5th generation engine - PD-14 for MS-21 aircraft. "UEC-Perm Engines" inherited the glory and traditions of its predecessor - Perm Motor Building Plant #19 - stays the leading enterprise of aviation gas turbine engine building industry in the 21st century.