General Information about Maintenance System

Aftersales service of aircraft engines and gas-turbine units for gas-pumping units and gas-turbine power stations manufactured or repaired by JSC UEC-Perm Engines is carried out as follows:

Customer support division (UPZ) JSC UEC-PE providing technical maintenance of aircraft products manufactured by Perm engine-building complex all over Russia and abroad.  Additional regional support centers establishment is planned.

Technical support of aircraft engines and gas-turbine units in operation includes:

             aftersales warranty service;

             technical support in operation of aircraft engines PS-90A and its modifications as per performance assurance contracts and aircraft engines D-30, series 2 and 3, and helicopter engines TV2-117A/AG;

             service support as per contracts with airlines, Gasprom organizations, oil mining and  energy providing companies;

             service life extension operations;

             implementation of technical measures and reworks, new checking procedures.