System of Assuring Continuous Operation of PS-90A Turbofan Aero Engines

Scope of services

JSC "UEC-Perm Engines" developed "Program for ensuring PS-90À engine continuous operation" to meet the customers' requirements to minimize cost and time of the engine repair.  

To provide the guaranteed availability of the PS-90A engines JSC "UEC-Perm Engines" offers a program of the total power support and within its scope assumes the following obligations: 

  • to perform overhauls and local repairs of the engines, striped down due to attaining by any of its major components its cyclic life limit, design or manufacturing errors and in-service failures with incorporation of all effective design changes and modifications to improve engine reliability;    
  • to set up a maintenance team at a customer's base airport, equipped with the required tools, materials and facilities;  
  • to correct failures and faults isolated in the course of maintenance operations and decoding of the FDR data;
  • to adjust engine parameters;
  • to perform preventive inspections, modifications and checks as defined by the effective operation and maintenance documentation;  
  • to analyze failures and contingencies and generate guidelines for further engine operation;
  • to carry out engine health diagnostics, predict, trace and analyze the propagation of tolerable, not remedied in service damages to the certain parts and assembly units of the engine; 
  • to accomplish continuous engine reliability improvement efforts;
  • to correct failures recorded in the Flight Log and discovered during decoding of the in-flight recorded engine parameters data and scheduled maintenance; 
  • to replace engine parts, assembly units and accessories due to their damages or service life expiration;   
  • to carry out works for major parts and accessories service lives extension;
  • to provide on a regular basis all newly introduced service bulletins, specifications and bills of materials required for engine service;  
  • to train the operators' personnel in novel engine maintenance procedures and practices;  
  • in case of a defect discovery JSC "UEC-Perm Engines" will assist in the process of its at the customer's base airport using the procedures defined in the inspection report or as recommended by the manufacturer and designer.   In case to recover the engine on-wing is not possible, the decision on engine removal is taken in the same time frame;
  • to replenish parts, accessories and materials from the basic repair kit, as soon as expended, all through the contract validity to ensure uninterrupted engine operation.    

Advantages of the "Program for ensuring PS-90À engine continuous operation":

  • Precisely budgeted and even costs of engine operation.
  • Guaranteed reserve of serviceable spares for line replacement in case of engine failure of any nature.
  • Prompt elimination of occurred failures and modifications implementation.
  • Immediate technical support services in the majority of the Russian airports and the airports of the CIS capitals.  
  • No need to pay for the life extension and purchase spares and accessories for replacement.
  • Stimulation of the OEM to continuously improve the engine performance, its operation reliability and increase its LLP lives.
  • Optimization of the available spare engine quantity and places of their location.
  • Timely records of the positive and negative lessons learnt during engine operation with certain air carriers and prompt issue of the respective recommendations for the entire engine fleet. 

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