Program for ensuring PS-90A engines trouble-free operation

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JSC "UEC-Perm Engines" has developed the "Program for ensuring PS-90A turbofans trouble-free operation" which permits the Customers to repair engines with minimum losses of time and means.

To ensure trouble-free operation of PS-90A aero engines JSC "UEC-Perm Engines" offers the maintenance support program and in the bounds of it undertakes the following obligations:

  • To accomplish major and local repairs of engines removed due to the expiration of the main parts cyclic service lives or design and manufacturing errors or defects revealed in service.
  • To introduce all the constructive modifications existing at the instant of repair to improve reliability of engine operation.
  • To form at the base airport a team of specialists provided with the required tools, devices and equipment.
  • To eliminate failures and troubles revealed during technical servicing and in processing flight information.
  • To adjust engine parameters.
  • To perform preventive inspections, modifications and checks in compliance with the effective operation and maintenance publications.
  • To analyze troubles and abnormal situations and work out engine service recommendations.
  • To perform diagnostic tests of the engine operational status and prediction. To monitor and analyze development dynamics of permissible troubles and defects of the engine separate parts and assemblies, which couldn't be eliminated in service.
  • To accomplish all the works required for improvement of engines reliability.
  • To eliminate defects revealed in processing flight information and entered in the flight log as well as those revealed in the course of scheduled maintenance
  • To replace parts, assemblies and units due to damages or expiration of their service lives.
  • To extend service lives of the main parts and units.
  • To submit regularly all the newly introduced Bulletins and Specifications required for the engine operation to an aviation company.
  • To acquaint maintenance personnel of an aviation company with the new procedures and train it in engine maintenance practices.
  • In case of the engine malfunction, to investigate jointly its causes and, irrespective of the guilty side, to eliminate the defect within 5 days at the base airport.
  • Elimination should be performed by the method specified in the technical report or recommended by the Manufacturer and the Developer. If the engine fails to be restored on the aircraft, to make decision on its removal within the same period of time.
  • As the parts and units from the stationary maintenance kit are expended out, to replenish them at its own expense for ensuring the engine reliability within the whole period of validity of the contract.

ADVANTAGES of the program for ensuring PS-90A turbofans trouble-free operation:

  • Well-planned, even financial expenses for engines operation.
  • Guaranteed reserve of engines for timely substitution if the engine fails at any reasons.
  • Timely removal of arising faults and carrying out of modifications.
  • Possibility of timely receipt of technical support in most Russian airports and airports located in the capitals of CIS.
  • Lack of necessity to pay for extension of the service life and acquire units and spare parts for replacement.
  • Stimulation of interest of the Manufacturer in the constant improvement of the engine, increase of reliability and service lives of the main parts and articles components.
  • Optimization of the quantity of the stock-produced reserved engines and places of their location.
  • Timely records of positive and negative experience of engine operation in the separate aviation companies and giving recommendations for the whole fleet of engines.

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