Highly - qualified employees have always been the recipe of successful work and prosperity of any enterprise. Educating specialists and managers is a responsibility of Customer Support Service Training Center, where about 200 people improve their qualification every year.

Moreover Customer Support Service Training Center provides trainings for foreign Customers.

Training center organizes the courses of target purpose for managers and specialists in accordance with the demands of Russian Technical Supervisory Authority. Meetings-seminars of JSC "UEC-Perm Engines" departments, professional skills contests, presentations of the new achievements in the spheres of science and techniques are held on the basis of the center.

The Training Center's activities meet all the standards of modern educational institution. There is an association of soul mates and professionals in their field. The trainers in the center work using modern methods of teaching, prepare new methodic materials, and permanently develop new educational technologies. This way we have created and started successful usage of the following items:

  • software and hardware complex "Basis" to support the engineering stuff while operating the engine "PS-90A";
  • program "Testing" to control the knowledge of the trainees during the courses they are taking;
  • information-analytical program "ZOOMER" to estimate the defects of HPC and HPT;
  • program "Staff" for electronic recording of Customer Support Service employees' certification;
  • a program of pre-certification training of managers and specialists of Customer Support Service in labor safety and industrial safety of JSC "UEC-Perm Engines" is being introduced now.

These programs favor the specialists' and manufacturing workers' professional development and money saving.

Now the Training Center works in wonderful and multifunctional premises. The specialists' workplaces and classrooms are provided with modern study aids and that lets trainees to use the latest information and communication technologies in practice. A new mock-up classroom for the specialists' training is being put into usage.

The Training Center of JSC "UEC-Perm Engines" accomplishes all tasks that are stated in the sphere of personnel training. It responds promptly to all arising problems that are connected with training and certification of the staff working in operation.